Ökotest examines baby phones and is appalled

Parents want maximum safety for their babies, which is not surprising, because who wants to endanger his baby unnecessarily. The example of baby fones, however, shows how important it is to weigh whether to expose your child to the radiation of a baby’s phone every night or let the baby sleep within reach and leave out the baby monitor. For years devices have been perfected for extra functions, but the radiation levels have not been diminished on many models. This is very annoying because babies are very sensitive to electrosmog.
ÖKO-TEST has bought 14 products and thoroughly tested. Fields and radiation were checked, as well as acoustics, equipment and security.


The result is devastating, since nothing has improved since the last test. Of the 14 devices, half are due to electrosmog and three of them are defective. Here are the test results: Babyfones Ökotest 2017

The conclusion for Nestbau is: less is more. Better leave the door to the nursery open and get along as often as possible without baby monitors.

Source Ökotest July 2017